‘American Idle’, top show in American, I’ve dowloaded and watched Season 6 and Season 4, and this time in Boston, it’s really great I actually met someone who has been to that show.
As you can see in the picture, it is Matt, who has met the famous Simoon face to face, and even got some kind of complements from the judges.
What’s even more amzing about this guy is that he is a producer of a Canadian TV show, too bad I can’t remember the name of the show, probaly something like “rescue ??? and ??? ?????????????”.
A really nice guy.


There are some wild ducks around this place, and that’s something you normally would not see near the cities in China. For the first time of my life, I see ducks fly in person, they really can fly, not only in tv.

And here comes the Transformer.

My Chinese fellows wanted to buy some Transformers as gifts for friends or kids. They saw the pictures from the web and made the order. Then 2 days later, they got a whole box delivered, all Transformers.

This one is really nice, it really can tranform from autobot into a truck. That’s about 34 dollars.

But for someone, what they get out of the box is just not exactly what they had expected. It turned out to be a piece of poster, not some toy like the above one which can transform.

The day before we were leaving for LA, a big storm hit Boston.



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