The sky in American is amazingly beautiful, clear and blue, I can’t even remember the last time I saw such nice sky like this.

Everytime the sun goes down, it is time we hit the road to the hotel, and that would be around 6pm.

We are totally strangers here, quite obvious since that we are the only people who walk. Along the road to hotel, I did’nt see one single American in the entire week, only cars. That reminds me that I’ve got my driver license about 6 years ago, but pity I can’t get myself a car. My firend in American got himeself a sencond hand car only for 400 dollars, old but ok to use, quite a bargain.

About 6:30pm, we went our for supper. It’s a pity that I never got a chance to try American burgers, someone said it’s quite different from Chinese burgers, even the Mc’ Donalds. They used the word “awful” and “weired” for American burgers..

One thing about the burgers is that, in China, chicken burgers are quite popular, but in America, everywehre is beef.

They have adult tv in the hotel……., haha, ……………., but I never tried, ’cause it is everywhere if you just plug your computer to the internet.
One thing I love about America is that they have HD signals, but not in my hotel. If they have HD adult movies, I would probaly give it a try, haha, ……


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