Light penetrates the window, comforts my body. Outside is wind, so strong like God is trying to blow everything away. The office is empty, big but empty, and I, left here alone, sit right before my desk facing the computer as always.  It’s just quiet, so quiet that the only thing that still come to the ear is the growling of the wind.

In this middle of nowhere, all what is left here is emptiness. Tomorrow comes the new year, well, that’s just a replay of today on this god-forsaken barren. People are born with different life and destiny, things that are unfair happen everyday, and I have to deal with them whether I like it or not. “That is real life”, too much I’ve heard about this, but it’s only these two days that I came to realize its meaning. Just deal with it and continue to live this hypocritical life, most people don’t have the second option, so do I.

We grow up, we stumble, we learn. The more we learn, the better we can disguise ourselves, finally we come to understand the ugly nature of life, the dark side of everything. But after all, I still have my dear beloved, yes, my love, that is what makes life its meaning. Love you forever.


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